Unergizer Battery

20 Sep



My take on the eveready battery logo. I present to you, the “Unergizer Bunny,” the Energizer Bunny’s lazy cousin.


Technical Illustration

7 Sep



A recreated Nixon 51-30 designed using only 1-2 gradients, just for a little added effect. I chose to stick as closely to the guidelines of using only lines and color to recreate my chosen object.

Nine Lives Cat

6 Sep

EverReadyCat EverReadyCat

The Nine Lives cat assignment created to work on working with the pathfinder tools.


6 Sep

Robot Robot1

My attempt at creating the Robot illustration from the Adobe CS-Wow book.

My Graphic Inspiration

6 Sep
Band members of the musical group Gorillaz.

Band members of the musical group Gorillaz.

Thinking back throughout my years as a human being, my love for art and graphic design began as a young age. To the years of “Microsoft Paint.” I believe it was around 1997, I was seven years old, when I got my first computer. Although it was the family computer I used it as if it had been given to me as a gift to call my own. I can remember the days of drawing on the paint program for hours on end, before school, after school, over the break. I couldn’t get enough of it. And one image, that I would continue to recreate was an illustrated group photo from my favorite band at the time, The Gorillaz. Not to toot my own horn, but I can remember being able to recreate this image on paint almost exactly as the original image. I only wish I still had the images I created. What drew my to the graphic pieces like this, were the abundant amount of color used in the image, and the fact that the band members were cartoon characters.

After that I felt unleashed on the world to live day in and day out creating art, like an addicted drug addict, only my drug was color and text, contrast and composition, shock and awe. I couldn’t get enough. I find now today, that my love for art and graphic design has only grown, pushing me to pursue a career in graphic design and marketing. Below are a few other images of art I find to be inspiring and creative. They stand as depiction of the art that I enjoy creating and mirroring, although some of these are goals I hope to achieve one day. They range from abstract to straight forward.


Here are 3 different t-shirt designs for companies that I have come to fall in love with over the year: Obey & Johnny Cupcakes. Each clothing company has such distinct and impacting design. Of the two I lean more toward Johnny Cupcakes as I enjoy the designers ability to combine realism with contrasting and colorful illustration. But what both designs have in common is their retro or old style feel with a mix of contemporary aspects. I’ve found that I have strong love for retro and vintage design.

RetroFlyerThe image here is one that I’ve just recently found that is another great combination of old and new design styles, and ideas. The other images below I find to be very inspiring and I hope to one day be able to utilize these styles and in my own art someday. You’llĀ  notice that one of them is a vector portrait. My plan is to, for lack of a better word, outdo, the artist who designed this awesome vector drawing. Also below is a text based design in which text was used to create and image of something, a member of the DJ duo Daft Punk. Moving along with text based imagery, is another image of the use of text in an interesting way. I’d love to hear anyone’s feed back on these designs as well. Do you like them? Hate them? Think they are mediocre?